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o   The History

KL is the capital city of Malaysia . Located in the hills of the southern Malay Peninsula, it is the nation's prinicipal economic, administrative, and cultural center. Manufactures include tin, rubber, palm oil, machinery and food products.
Kuala Lumpur was founded by Chinese settlers in 1857 as a tin-mining camp. It expanded under British rule from 1873 to 1957 as a center of tin and rubber production. In 1895 it became the capital of the British-protected Federated Malay States. In 1957 it became the capital of the newly independent Federation of Malaya and remained the national capital when Malaysia was founded in 1963. Today that little tin-mining camp is home to the world's second (and third) tallest buildings, the Petronas Towers.

Endowed with a diversity of cultures, Malaysia offers a truly Asian experience. Discover a delightful fusion of three of Asia  oldest civilisations - Malay, Chinese and Indian. A potpourri enriched with the indigenous traditions of the Kadazan Dusuns, Ibans and other ethnic communities of Sabah and Sarawak .

Experience the country alluring wonder - colourful festivals, breathtaking skyscrapers charming heritage buildings, enchanting islands and beaches as well as a million-year-old rainforest with fascinating flora and fauna.

Here you will also meet the warm and friendly people and enjoy world-class facilities. Marvel at the bewildering range of shopping delights and tempt your palate with mouth-watering delicacies. Bursting with colour, pulsating with life, Malaysia awaits you.

o Experience Asia in a Nutshell

Visit Malaysia and experience Asia in a nutshell - Malay, Chinese, Indian and ethnic cultures. You will be able to explore the worlds oldest rainforests here, shop for local handicraft or contemporary fashion, see the marine life at some of the world best dive sites, admire traditional and modern architectural marvels, dine on delicious food at affordable prices, relax on beaches where time appears to stand still or even stay in international resort hotels or, omestay?with the locals

o Fascinating holiday destination

Malaysia is a fascinating holiday destination offering something for everyone to enjoy. There are three distinct destinations in the countryeninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia . Visitors are often surprised to discover how developed the country is, yet rich and varied in cultural tradition.

o Airports

The country main gateway is Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) near the capital. Other major international airports are Langkawi, Penang , Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Kuala Lumpur or KL is a modern cosmopolitan city boasting the world tallest twin towers towering at a height of 452m. Its architecture is representative of the country dominant cultureshe Malay, Chinese and Indian. Combined with the colonial legacy of the British and Moorish influences, KL has one of Asia  most dynamic cityscapes.

Malaysia  long coastline and many coral-fringed islands, with the Straits of Malacca to the west and the South China Sea to the east, give rise to a large number of fabulous beaches. Islands like Langkawi, Tioman and Pangkor are world-renowned resort destinations. Penang is another island famous for its history, relaxing beaches and cultural mix. Further south, Malacca is known for its history, museums and the unique Baba-Nyonya community. The charming east coast of the peninsula with its laid backlifestyle is the country cultural heartland.

The states of Sabah and Sarawak await nature lovers and adventurers. Discover the prolific marine life and dense rainforest while exploring the underwater world and wilderness of Borneo .

Malaysia has many exciting places of interest and during a holiday of just two weeks, visitors will get just a mere glimpse. One thing for certain; everyone wants to return to discover more of Malaysia .

Some of The Facts

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